Work From Home Solutions

V&C Solutions helps businesses in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area deploy work from home solutions allowing key staff members the flexibility to work from any location.

We Provide Managed Work From Home Solutions to Ensure Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

  • Do you need secure technology to cater to workers accessing their work remotely?
  • Do you need to reduce the costs of purchasing and maintaining computer equipment?
  • Do you want to provide simplified and affordable management of productivity apps?

The need for flexibility and new realities such as the COVID-19 pandemic means more people are now working remotely than ever before. V&C Solutions has the work from home solutions that modern businesses require. Our managed solutions for remote workers are reliable and backed by technical assistance from experienced local experts.

We Provide Managed Work From Home Solutions to Ensure Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency In San Francisco Bay Area

V&C Solutions Helps Bay Area Organizations Deploy Reliable & Secure Work From Home Solutions For Staff Members

V&C Solutions Helps Bay Area Organizations Deploy Reliable & Secure Work From Home Solutions For Staff Members

Was Your Bay Area IT Company Able To Get You Up And Running Rapidly During The COVID19 Pandemic?

V&C Solutions Helps Bay Area Organizations Deploy Reliable & Secure Work From Home Solutions For Staff Members

Are You Confident That Your Staff Members Working Remotely Are Not Putting Your Business Data At Risk?

Why Businesses Trust V&C Solutions With Their Work From Home Technology Solutions

V&C Solutions offers setup, management, migration, and support of communication, collaboration, and productivity solutions from the world’s leading vendors and cloud application providers. Our tools will ensure that your staff can find the easiest ways to work together on their projects from different geographic locations. Thanks to cloud-based technology, your distributed teams get the power to easily save, share, print, and edit their documents from wherever they are.

When providing our services, we follow a set of core values and principles that include:

  • Quick and excellent customer service
  • Honesty and integrity, no matter the circumstances
  • Teamwork
  • Work-life balance for our staff
  • We do our job right the first time
Why Businesses Trust V&C Solutions With Their Work From Home Technology Solutions In San Francisco Bay Area

Our Work From Home Solutions

Since our launch in 2005, we continue to provide small and mid-sized businesses with affordable managed IT services that help companies remain profitable while delivering better customer service experiences and greater customer satisfaction. These services include an array of work from home solutions.

Microsoft 365 In San Francisco Bay Area

Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s leading cloud business application, enabling businesses to do more, speed up their growth, and access new markets. However, as more people choose to work from home, this application suite exposes even more benefits to ease corporate migration to new distributed working models. These advantages include:

  • Increased staff productivity, satisfaction, and engagement
  • Faster response to customer queries and support requests
  • Access to the talent that would otherwise be unavailable because of their remote working preference

“V&C Solutions has provided a cost-effective, stable environment and reliable, friendly IT support. On the few occasions when there have been emergencies, V&C has responded quickly, even during weekends and after hours, to provide IT services and expertise.”

Alan Leeds

Virtual Desktop Solutions

If your business has staff that works from home on a hybrid or fully-remote basis, maintaining physical desktops can be a nightmare. Therefore, we provide Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) solutions, which ease the strain of maintaining physical machines while lowering your costs. V&C Solutions’ virtual desktops offer the following advantages, particularly to small and medium-sized organizations:

  • A faster Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Mobile access to desktop applications
  • More straightforward maintenance, more immediate enterprise-wide updates, and effortless security patching
  • Lower software licensing costs
Virtual Desktop Solutions In San Francisco Bay Area
Secure Remote Access In San Francisco Bay Area

Secure Remote Access

V&C Solutions gives businesses a selection of security solutions that allow access to internal networks, resources, and accounts to authorized personnel while keeping out unwanted intruders. Some of the remote access solutions we provide include:

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Password management and multi-factor authentication
  • Firewalls
  • Managed antivirus

“We are so pleased with the level of professionalism exuded by the entire V&C team. Each IT consultant on the team is easy to work with—courteous, patient, and very knowledgeable. They’re able to explain highly technical things in a way that makes sense to all of us.”

Kitty Hussain
FountainHead Law Group

Talk to V&C Solutions for Managed Work From Home Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in millions of people — voluntarily or by necessity — working from home. Additionally, many talented workers today seek opportunities at organizations that allow them to work remotely as part of their perks. Regardless of your business’s size, talk to us to find out how we provide reliable, affordable, and secure solutions that maintain or increase your employees’ productivity when they work from home.