IT Services For Manufacturing Firms

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry in San Jose and the Bay Area, and your business needs to be ready to adopt new technology to stay ahead of the curve quickly.

Technology Solutions for Manufacturing Firms to Boost Production

  • Does your manufacturing operation need to upgrade its technology to remain competitive?
  • Do you need a fully connected workforce on your factory floor?
  • Do you have proprietary information that you want to keep away from hackers and your competitors?

At V&C Solutions, we recognize the continuing digitization of the global manufacturing industry. The shift to IoT, Big Data and AI creates a fluid environment that you could find challenging. We provide IT services for manufacturing firms to help them streamline their frameworks while improving their operations’ efficiency. Our solutions give your manufacturing firm access to cutting-edge automation, management, support, quality assurance, and application design.

Manufacturing IT Services

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Why Manufacturers Trust Our IT Services

Manufacturers require efficiency, quality assurance, lower expenses, and higher productivity to thrive, so it is natural for them to turn to technology. With increasing automation and IoT innovations becoming a common part of the manufacturing world, high technology should be part of the fabric of your manufacturing operations and the products you produce. Some of the positive effects of our IT services for manufacturing firms are:

  • Accurate demand forecasting for your products
  • Inventory control
  • Higher factory floor efficiency
  • Increased ROI for your technology spending
  • Filling of in-house IT skill gaps
  • The rapid adoption of new technology
IT Services For Manufacturing Companies

Our Solutions for Manufacturers

Operating the large and expensive assets of a manufacturing enterprise requires highly functional and stable systems infrastructure and applications as well as 100% percent availability. We provide a range of services that help manufacturers and their distributors to streamline their processes.

Manufacturing IT Solutions

Cloud Solutions Integration

Most manufacturing centers still rely heavily on proprietary and legacy systems to meet their particular computing needs. However, the development of highly configurable cloud platforms and applications means that you need to integrate the older systems with the latest technology while maintaining efficiency and production quality. At V&C Solutions, we provide you with cloud applications from Microsoft and Google that help you to:

  • Secure all remote network access
  • Attain global connectivity
  • Migrate to new systems seamlessly
  • Enjoy 24/7 expert tech support
  • Save documents to OneDrive

Virtual Desktops

A factory floor is a tough environment to operate your standard desktop computer. Your computer may be exposed to heavy machinery or manufactured parts, chemical spills, electronic interference, and fatigued operators. All these factors make it appealing to deploy virtual desktops on your thin client devices. Additionally, centralizing most of your IT functions and serving local terminals lowers your costs without sacrificing productivity and functionality. V&C Solutions’ virtual desktops offer manufacturers the following advantages:

  • Lower support needs
  • Reduced hardware and deployment costs
  • Higher flexibility and improved scalability
  • More storage space
  • Better information security
  • Inbuilt business continuity
IT Company For Manufacturing Firms
Manufacturing IT Services Company


Although cyber-risk is a danger to individuals and companies regardless of their industry, it is a particular concern for manufacturers. The negative impact on your business is real, and you need to understand that when you are in the crosshairs of hackers, you expose your business to dangers that go well beyond financial losses. We provide the following cybersecurity solutions that prevent unwanted intrusions and theft of your confidential information:

  • Antivirus
  • Security assessments
  • Firewalls
  • CISA

Best IT Services for Manufacturing Firms

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry, and your business needs to be ready to adopt new technology to stay ahead of the curve quickly. Do not let the haphazard implementation of technology impact the profitability of your manufacturing operations. Talk to V&C Solutions for the best IT services for manufacturing firms.