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Microsoft Azure Consulting

Microsoft Azure is one of the most-regarded and well-known names in the cloud computing space. Azure allows businesses to innovate and navigate multiple challenges in their day-to-day activities. It also meets the most rigid requirements of the industry’s compliance standards while also adhering to strict security control and policies. Notably, with the rise in hybrid cloud environments, Microsoft Azure provides businesses with better protection against cyber security threats and other natural disasters.

While moving to Microsoft Azure is a fantastic transition for your enterprise, it might also be a bit complicated, so you’ll need to take the right steps to get it right. Using Microsoft Azure consulting in the San Francisco Bay area from V&C Solutions will help you develop a sensible and scalable plan that suits your enterprise in the short and long term. We are ready to work with you, whether you are new to cloud computing or have an existing Microsoft Azure state.

What You Get from Microsoft Azure Consulting In the San Francisco Bay Area

Microsoft Azure offers more than 20 services and also maintains a growing directory, so you’ll get additional services all the time. Here are some essential elements you can expect from Microsoft Azure consulting in the San Francisco Bay area.

Virtual Machine

With this service, you can create Linux or Microsoft virtual machines from custom machine images or various marketplace templates in a few minutes. The virtual machines host your services as if they are in your own data center.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services

This service enables you to remotely manage authentication, group policy, and more. Also, moving your existing security structure to the Cloud only takes a few clicks.

SQL Databases

You also get managed SQL relational databases that save you expenses on software, hardware, and the need to have in-house expertise.


You will get highly accessible and safe data storage within the Microsoft global infrastructure. Moreover, it’s scalable with an intelligent pricing structure, so you’ll store infrequently accessed business data in a cost-effective plan.

How We Can Help with Microsoft Azure Consulting and Digital Transformation

No matter the type of business you have, time will always be a precious resource. As a result, the thought of shifting your entire IT infrastructure to a new platform can be daunting due to the potential downtime, even if it’s just for a short time. Fortunately, the right Microsoft Azure consulting in the San Francisco Bay area can help you minimize the transition period once your infrastructure is running on Azure. Managed IT services from V&C Solutions can help you migrate your assets on time.

The factors involved in this procedure include:

IT Audit

We can provide your business with quality Azure consultancy by conducting an in-depth audit of your existing infrastructure and presenting it in a detailed report. This way, you will have a clear idea of how we will improve your IT with the migration. We will also clarify the entire procedure and the costs involved in terms of time and finances.


Our Azure experts will then work with you and your in-house tech team to develop an updated cloud infrastructure suitable for your organization’s data. We will ensure that it meets all your essential business needs and challenges. The updated infrastructure must be an improvement to your previous IT infrastructure. Our team will also ensure that the new model aligns with your organization’s business strategy.

Pre-Migration Planning

Just like working on any other new project in your business, you must have thorough preparation and planning to have a smooth and successful transformation. Consequently, V&C Solutions Azure consultants come equipped with a detailed plan of action on all the essentials required throughout the entire transition. The pre-migration plan also includes all the vital tasks you need to complete before the transition.


Before migrating to Microsoft Azure, the first process is to complete a series of pre-migration tests. Our Azure consultancy team will do the necessary tests to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is correctly configured. Moreover, pre-migration tests help to know if the version-to-version application upgrades are complete. This will allow for a successful transfer of all your business data. Once the tests are complete, the transformation of your business infrastructure can take place. With the right Microsoft Azure consulting in the San Francisco Bay area, there will be minimal disruptions to your operations.

Pros of Microsoft Azure Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area

Here are some reasons why you should choose Azure for your business:

Scalability and Ductility

You can create various applications without any additional coding. Since Azure storage is safe, secure, ductile, and performance-efficient, it’s also easier to change the settings to have more processors for your application.

Analytics and Intelligence Capabilities

Azure also facilities NoSQL and SQL data services together with in-built support that lets you dig deeper into data to uncover vital insights that can improve your decision-making.

Unmatched Hybrid Capabilities

Azure provides quality hybrid capabilities that facilitate a reliable platform between on-premise and public Cloud. You will have a broad range of hybrid connections, including virtual private networks, content delivery networks, ExpressRoute connections, and caches that improve performance and usability.


Security is one of the most significant benefits you’ll get from utilizing Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has integrated both firmware and hardware into its security control system. You can access security experts of more than 3500 global cybersecurity professionals with high-level knowledge of cloud-specific attacks. Besides, Microsoft backs its high security with several compliance certificates, including GDPR, FERPA, HIPAA, and IRS. Azure also empowers users to protect their data with stringent password requirements, multi-factor authentication, and training on the latest cyber threats.

Why Choose V&C Solutions for Microsoft Azure Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area

With years of experience in cloud computing, V&C Solutions has a team of professionals with the right expertise in Microsoft Azure infrastructure services. Therefore, you can rely on our IT experts for all your Microsoft Azure Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can offer Microsoft Azure services from set up, maintenance, deployment, support, and implementation to provide you with an excellent return on investment. Reach out to our IT experts for more consultations today.

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