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Windows 365 is modernizing how Microsoft delivers the Windows experience. To launch your cloud PC on any device, head to from the browser of any device and log in.
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Windows 365: The Age of Cloud PC Turning Enterprise Desktops into Always-Available Cloud Utilities

Key Points:

  • Windows 365 is your computer on the cloud
  • The service from Microsoft allows you to securely stream your personalized Windows experience from anywhere on any device
  • Windows 365 gives you access to your desktop, applications, content, and settings from any device through a browser or Microsoft’s Remote Desktop App
  • The cloud PC is excellent for remote and hybrid working models because employees and IT teams can access the organization’s Windows resources at any location

Microsoft offers Windows 365 — a cloud PC — to give you a personalized Windows experience from anywhere and on any device. The service lets you stream your desktop, applications, settings, and content through a web browser or Microsoft’s Remote Desktop App, even on non-Windows computers.

Your employees and IT team can access the organization’s Windows resources from anywhere.

Windows 365 at its Core

The business world demands cloud-based solutions for remote and hybrid work models. Microsoft has responded to the demand by offering a cloud PC through Microsoft 365 service. The cloud PC revolutionizes how Microsoft delivers the Windows experience. The service makes your PC — with all its specs — available online through a web browser or custom app on any device.

Businesses are leveraging cloud PC technology to improve remote and hybrid working models, as employees and IT professionals can access the organization’s resources from anywhere.

The Windows 365 User Experience

Windows 365 is modernizing how Microsoft delivers the Windows experience. To launch your cloud PC on any device, head to from the browser of any device and log in.

You will see your PC specs, desktop, apps, and the last action you were executing on your physical PC. Check the start menu to see everything your IT team has installed for you ready for work.

The platform will execute any of your operations at lightning speed. Whether you’re downloading, streaming, or uploading items to your cloud PC, the operational speed will be uncompromised.

Microsoft has created the platform’s operational speed not to depend on your internet speed. If your internet connection can stream movies, you should have enough bandwidth to have a great Windows experience.

Similar User Experience Even on a Non-Windows Computer

Your user experience won’t change even if you switch to a non-Windows device, such as:

  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Linux device
  • Ubuntu computer

All you have to do is to open a browser on your current device and visit Alternatively, you can use native Microsoft apps for iOS, Android, and Mac devices to log into your cloud PC.

After logging into your cloud PC portal from a non-Windows device, you’ll resume from the point you left on the previous device. The Windows experience stays consistent everywhere.

Admins and Employees Can Securely Connect to Organization’s Resources Remotely

Windows cloud PC will allow workers and admins to securely connect your organization’s desktop, applications, files, and other business resources through the Microsoft cloud. No one will need to be physically present at your business premises to utilize your IT resources. As a result, you can build better hybrid and remote work models.

Before cloud PCs, employees would introduce unnecessary IT risks by connecting to business networks using personal devices. A cloud PC allows for secure connections, eliminating the need for a VPN when accessing business resources when on other devices.

Admins’ Experience with Windows 365

Like any other Microsoft 365 solution, the Windows cloud PC will offer huge management benefits. The service makes admins’ work easier by eliminating the worry of setting up a computer infrastructure or managing PCs on a network.

Windows 365 is consistent with how admins manage physical devices using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). Your IT team won’t need to re-learn new management tools or paradigms. Instead, technicians can check and manage all MEM’s physical and cloud computers.

Other tasks admins can perform on the cloud PC include:

  • Manage apps and policies on all physical and cloud computers on your network
  • Control features and settings on devices on the network
  • Execute configuration management
  • Get desktop analytics
  • Do cloud PC assigning
  • Monitor the health and performance of devices on your network

How to Execute Cloud PC Assigning in Windows 365

Your admins only need two requirements to assign cloud PC for people in your business:

  1. A license
  2. Be part of an ADD Group that’s assigned to a provisioning policy

With the two, admins can go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and assign licenses as they would in another Microsoft 365 service. Your admin can then start assigning PCs from active users.

Admins choose the PC specifics to assign in terms of:

  • Core types
  • RAM size
  • Internal storage size

If you assign a user with PC specifications but their computation demand increases, you can change the specifics.

Monitoring Health and Performance of Cloud Computers in Your Network

Monitoring the health and performance of PCs is a major concern for many businesses. Windows 365 addresses all these concerns by presenting an analytic tool that allows admins to monitor network health and performance across the business network.

The analytic tool runs 24/7, 365 to ensure it catches on to any glitches in your network. In case of any performance or health failure, the tool will alert the admin and suggest a solution.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 meets all security and compliance requirements like any other Microsoft 365 solution.

Your cloud computer will abstract its security from the physical device you use to access it. Since admins have complete control over the data in cloud computing and can regulate how employees use their physical computers, you can deploy organization-specific security measures.

Apart from what your organization can control, Microsoft 365 utilizes the Zero Trust Security model. You can leverage multifactor authentication to verify access attempts and logins to the cloud computers.

Your IT team can combine Zero Trust Security with conditional access for each session.

V&C Solutions Can Make Your Business More Agile and Productive with Windows 365

More and more businesses are shifting workloads to the cloud for more favorable economics, strategic benefits, and simplified management. Our technicians can help you deploy Windows 365 to support your workforce. We can help you implement, support, and answer any questions you have about Windows 365. Contact us today for more cloud PC solutions.

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