WIFI 6 and The Impact On Bay Area Businesses

The demand for a faster internet increases each day as more people buy smartphones, computers, and tablets to download apps and play games and videos. 
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WIFI 6 and The Impact On Bay Area Businesses

The demand for a faster internet increases each day as more people buy smartphones, computers, and tablets to download apps and play games and videos.

By now, you should have heard about WIFI 6 and how it is making people’s lives better. Its new standards make it a faster internet and have a huge impact on businesses in the Bay Area, thus, creating seamless experiences for users.

With the increased competition in multiple sectors across the Bay Area, every organization wants to stay ahead of the game and take a higher market share.

However, this needs efficiency in business operations, and it starts with having a better internet connection. This is because almost every business operation revolves around the internet, enabling businesses to operate with speed and offer timely services to their clients.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a more advanced internet, read on to learn how WIFI 6 is impacting businesses in the Bay Area and why you may want to install it in your business.

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is the latest standard of WIFI technology. Its other name is “802.11ax” or “AX WIFI”. This version of the internet was introduced due to the increasing demand for device users in the world. Its new naming convention enables users to know the type of device they’re using quickly.

The Impact of WIFI 6 on Businesses in the Bay Area

Increased Speed

One of the greatest impacts that WIFI 6 brought to businesses in the Bay Area is its ability to load faster. Employees can now run multiple tasks and complete their work quickly, spending fewer hours downloading documents, interacting with customers, and researching. As a result, employees will offer timely and satisfactory service, thus, enabling businesses to achieve their goals in real-time.

Stronger Signal

As your business grows, it is imperative to consider investing in a stronger internet like WIFI 6. WIFI 6 is stronger than the older versions. Its signals stay stronger even as you move further from the source. Your employees will not struggle so much trying to connect their devices to the internet.

Quicker Cloud Access

Cloud computing needs a stronger internet connection to upload and download files. This can take time, depending on the internet you’re using.

The increased internet speed and the bandwidth of WIFI 6 make it easier for employees to access data and applications in the cloud. This increases productivity, creating a seamless flow of work.

Saves You Money

High-speed internet makes your employees work faster with minimal downtime. The team can deliver more work within a short time and move on to the next task quickly. This is what WIFI 6 does for organizations in the Bay Area.

While it may cost you money to invest in this internet, you will enjoy its benefits in the long run and save more money. WIFI 6 enables your team to achieve their goals quickly without compromising on quality, because high internet speed is more effective.

Improved Security

Online hackers continue to look for smart strategies to hack systems and manipulate data. As an organization, it is imperative to protect your data at all costs to prevent data breaches, fines and penalties that can affect your business.

WIFI 6 comes with security updates, enabling you to identify potential threats that could lead to system hacking. The routers are resistant to attack.
There is also the encryption of sessions, enabling users to connect to public WIFI without worrying about cybercrimes.

Improved Team Productivity

WIFI 6 is a strong internet that supports several devices without slowing down. Your employees can use the internet throughout the day and work smoothly.

You do not have to worry about inconveniences with the internet since the strong connection makes it convenient for all employees. They can log in and log out of their devices at any time.

Better Multi-Device Handling

WIFI 6 has features such as OFDMA that improve the handling of multiple devices. The streams are divided to enable each device to have a data stream. This also enables the simultaneous sending and receiving of data from the router to the devices connected to the internet.

Unlike the older versions, WIFI 6 is a more advanced internet that one device will not have to wait until others are done. In short, there are no delays when multiple devices are connected.

Promotes Customer Satisfaction

WIFI 6 is more reliable and efficient. It can help you serve your customers on time without compromising on the quality of service.

You can also attract more customers to your business if you have a stronger internet connection. For instance, if you own a restaurant, cafe, mechanic shop, or other business, you can give your customers access to your internet as you wait to serve them. This can boost customer loyalty and promote customer satisfaction in the long run.

Better Collaboration

With the increased internet speed on WIFI 6, teams in the Bay Area share files quickly among themselves. This creates effective collaboration and teamwork between teams, customers, and vendors. It is even more helpful when sharing Google documents.

Effective collaboration translates to more revenue, team productivity, and business growth. This is an excellent way to grow your business without much struggle since everything flows well between your team and third parties.

Should You Upgrade to WIFI 6?

The answer is yes. The above information shows that WIFI 6 is an efficient internet compared to what you’re currently using. Customers are looking for more efficient businesses that can serve them faster and better. With WIFI 6, you will be better positioned to offer quick services to your clients.

Get Help Upgrading to WIFI 6

If you’re planning to upgrade your internet to WIFI 6, it is imperative to work with an experienced IT team to install your router with as many access points as you need. V&C Solutions can install your router and ensure a reliable speed in the entire office. We can also help you choose the best router that suits your needs. Contact us today and let us help you install your WIFI 6 within the Bay Area.

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