Why You Need To Move From On-Premise Systems To The Cloud

Waiting to harness cloud capabilities is like leaving money on the table. Contact the V&C Solutions team to start the discussion about what the cloud will do for you. 
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Why You Need To Move From On-Premise Systems To The Cloud—NOW

Waiting to harness cloud capabilities is like leaving money on the table. Contact the V&C Solutions team to start the discussion about what the cloud will do for you. 

If you’re not using the cloud yet, you’re falling behind. Between 2020 and 2025, the global cloud market is expected to more than double

Do you know what you stand to gain by embracing the cloud?

V&C Solutions offers expert support for cloud technologies, geared to address the needs of today’s businesses. Our cloud support services are based on a tailored approach to workflow, ensuring that you have the correct version, setup, and integration to do what you do better. 

What Is The Cloud?

The cloud is a network of technologies that allows access to computing resources, such as storage, processing power, and more. That’s where the data is—in these data centers all around the world. Which data center your data is in depends on what cloud service provider you’re working with.

What Would Be The Advantage Of Using The Cloud? 

By moving your data and apps off-premise through the cloud, you can get the freedom to clean out your server rooms and gain a number of key advantages: 

Simple Scalability

Cloud services have the unique strategic characteristic of being able to stretch or shrink to suit your current level of demand. This is especially useful for businesses of scale or companies that go through seasons of activity.

Remote Work Capability

This cloud feature allows you and your employees to work remotely as need be, which will give your business members the flexibility they desire to have a more balanced home/work life.

Comprehensive Dematerialization

The cloud offers a number of ways to substitute virtual options for their conventional equivalents. Whether it’s by storing data and apps offsite in a data center, accessing work at home instead of driving to the office, or by using VoIP and video chat to conduct meetings instead of traveling there in person, businesses can save money and reduce carbon emissions with modern cloud technologies.

High-Level Support

IT doesn’t just mean hardware and software—you need the right people too. With the cloud, you benefit from an expert team of technicians working Tier 2 support and above to ensure the cloud services you rely on are functioning properly around the clock.

Enhanced Security

Security can be difficult to manage because, as important as it is, it’s often just as expensive. However, with the right cloud solution, you only pay a small monthly fee to gain access to enterprise-level security solutions offered to all other clients on the platform.

What Else Can You Gain By Moving To The Cloud?

Access Extensive IT Resources

The cloud has the ability to activate tens of thousands of CPUs. This unparalleled power can quickly perform deep analytics of your data, and process nearly any ad-hoc queries that you require.

Connect Team Members

With cloud technology, your staff doesn’t have to wait for each other to be done with their part of the document or project in order to tackle their own aspect. They can all work on the same project at the same time to maximize productivity.

Say Goodbye To Legacy Software

Are you still using the same old line of business software that you’ve been using for years and years? As dependable as it may be (and let’s be honest, mileage varies) software like this has a core flaw—it only works for those who are fluent in it. After all, it’s not that accessible if you’re not familiar with it.

While some members of your team, depending on their experience and skill set, may be an expert with your legacy software, what about the wider community of subcontractors you have to work with?

The cloud can help with this as well—new centralized project management platforms bring everyone together in one intuitive cloud location. Now, instead of needing to be trained on unintuitive, outdated software, your entire team can make use of a modern, user-friendly cloud platform. 

Enhance Your Cybersecurity

By storing your data offsite in a data center, you access a vast range of digital and physical security measures to ensure they’re safe from all threats. 

Managed firewall, antivirus, antispam measures, onsite security personnel, and more ensure the security of your server information so that you can do your work without having to worry.  

Automate Your Processes

Automation with machine learning plays an enormous role in optimizing workflows and predicting problems before they occur. With workflows based in the cloud, you can automate or semi-automate many processes that had to be handled manually before. 

Harness Big Data

During the lifecycle of any project, you must process and share massive amounts of information like architectural and engineering drawings, production schedules, time and materials inventories, and more. The cloud provides the ability to store and process the big data that’s needed for this.  

Enhance Business Continuity

By storing your hardware off-site, you gain a valuable contingency against any on-site emergencies. 

Power outages, malware attacks or other disasters can strike your business at any time, but by having your IT infrastructure managed safely off-premises, you have one less thing to account for during an emergency.

Moving From On-Premise To The Cloud Is Easier Said Than Done

Since its introduction to the business world, the cloud has established itself as one of the most integral technologies in modern society. 

In the private and professional worlds, the cloud has delivered a range of benefits. However, a lot of businesses are hesitant to undergo migration…

Why Would You Be Hesitant To Migrate To The Cloud?

 There are any number of concerns related to cloud migration…

During the transition, you could lose some key files for good with no backup or redundancies to replace them. The migration, already expensive, takes longer than you expected and adds what you thought was avoidable downtime to your staff’s work life.

Once it finally gets installed and launched, you find out the platform is overly complicated and difficult to learn, leading to more downtime for your staff. 

Does that mean you should forget about the cloud and what it could do for you? Of course not. It just means you have to plan your migration carefully…

What Is Migration?

Migration is the process of moving some or all of your data and applications into the cloud (that is, to a data center or a cloud-based infrastructure provided by a cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). 

You can choose to move some of your applications, or your total organizational infrastructure where all of your computing, software, storage, and platform services are transferred to the cloud for any time, anywhere access. 

Cloud migration helps you achieve real-time and updated performance and efficiency. However, a cloud migration requires careful planning and implementation to ensure the cloud solution is compatible with your organizational requirements.  

Allow V&C Solutions to help. 

How We’ll Manage Your Migration

As your cloud partner, we’ll help you evaluate cloud solutions, find the right one, and seamlessly migrate to it.

V&C Solutions will work with you to assess, design, implement and support cloud computing to increase employee productivity.

We define business and technology requirements before recommending a cloud strategy. Our team will work with business and technology leaders to determine what role cloud computing should play in your business plans. 

We assess the business value and business impact before presenting you with a customized cloud strategy. 

V&C Solutions Will Guide You To The Cloud 

V&C Solutions helps clients evaluate their options and determine which solution best meets their needs. 

No matter where you are with the cloud, our team of IT specialists can provide troubleshooting assistance or strategic advice, helping you to leverage the power of these cloud technologies to their benefit.

Migration Management

If you are not sure which solution is right for you or how to migrate all your workstations, we’ll walk you through the entire migration process, handling each step along the way to make sure it goes smoothly.

Comprehensive Support

We offer onsite and remote support to help you resolve any sort of configuration and/or troubleshooting issues right away. If we are not able to remotely resolve the issue, we will come onsite to help you out.

Employee Training

A vital component of the success strategy of any software offering is the ability for a business’ employees to understand it well enough to utilize it to its fullest potential. We are here to walk your staff through any new features or applications. 

Find The Perfect Cloud Solution For Your Business

If you’re still undecided or would like help in your evaluation, please feel free to reach out to the V&C Solutions team. 

We help our clients evaluate their options and determine which solution best meets their needs. It’s never been easier to start moving your business to the cloud, and the benefits are clear: save yourself money that you’d otherwise spend to maintain a server room by transitioning to a cloud environment with V&C Solutions.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with the V&C Solutions team to determine which cloud solution is the right fit for you.

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