What Exactly Is IT Compliance?

Compliance is not just an industry buzzword; it's a critical concept that can easily cripple your ability to operate. When it comes to IT compliance, no business is too big to fail or too small to survive.
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IT Compliance: Everything You Need To Know

Compliance is not just an industry buzzword; it’s a critical concept that can easily cripple your ability to operate. When it comes to IT compliance, no business is too big to fail or too small to survive.

Successful organizations understand the need to balance vision and technology, with a clear view of regulatory changes on the horizon. At V&C Solutions, our compliance service is more than an offering — it is woven into the fabric of all of our IT solutions. Today, we address one of the most frequently asked questions: What is IT compliance?

Here’s a summary of what IT compliance entails:

What Exactly Is IT Compliance?

It’s the process of abiding by state and federal laws and best practice standards on obtaining, using and disseminating information technology. The truth is that this is a very modest description of a sophisticated concept. Compliance demands careful planning, the definition of policies and procedures, and their precise execution. For most organizations, IT compliance audits are not a favorite time of the year.

Non-compliance isn’t any simpler — it’s expensive and bad for business. Lately, regulatory and enforcement authorities have been very hard on violators. The last few years have witnessed some of the highest fines and most aggressive enforcement actions on businesses that breach IT compliance requirements. Besides, the inability to meet these standards is not favorable for your public image. It makes you come across as a business that cannot safeguard user data. If customers do not trust you with their credentials, you are destined for surefire failure.

While IT compliance is seen by many as a means to avoid trouble with regulatory bodies, there are several other windfalls to it.

What Are the Benefits of IT Compliance to Your Organization?

  • It Enhances the Security of Your Systems: As you implement various protocols in a bid to meet IT compliance requirements, you’re essentially working on shielding your network from intrusion. Whether it’s PCI for the payment card industry or SOX for public companies, most of these standards are just a culmination of basic security protocols.
  • It Improves Your Ability to Attract and Retain Clients: Not long ago, FTC fined Facebook $5 billion for non-compliance. Besides the financial loss, the tech giant suffered a sharp contraction in its user base. And reasonably so, the modern consumer wants reassurance that you will safeguard their data. Any proof otherwise will scare aware prospects, current clients, and even employees.
  • Enhanced Productivity: IT is an integral part of any modern-day business. You don’t need laws and standards to ensure that your systems are always safe. Imagine the amount of productive time that would be lost if your systems were hacked today. IT compliance limits the incidence of these breaches and consequent disruptions in the production process.

If these are not reasons enough to make you take IT compliance seriously, then at least be wary of the hefty fines that non-compliance may attract.

How Can You Ensure Your Organization Stays IT Compliant?

All along, we’ve talked about compliance like it’s a set of universal standards — which makes the concept seem easy. The unfortunate reality is that every industry has its own unique requirements. Therefore, to be IT compliant, you must first identify the regulations applicable to your line of business. You then narrow down to your specific organization, design, and implement the right compliance frameworks. This process may be quite challenging and confusing, especially if you are not experienced in these matters.

What does this mean for your Bay Area business? You must begin making preparations for IT compliance early enough. A last-minute rush to meet all the requirements at once is prone to error.

Let V&C Solutions Help You With IT Compliance

While it’s possible to manage IT compliance internally, it’s not the best way to go. The process is lengthy and will only serve to distract you from core business responsibilities. Why strain when you can outsource this service for just a fraction of your IT budget?

Full IT compliance is only a call away. Get In Touch with us now, and let’s talk about your IT compliance needs.

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