Using Flipgrid Videos With Microsoft PowerPoint

Flipgrid is a free short-form video discussion tool designed for learners, educators, and families.
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Flipgrid Videos With Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft has released a new Office build version 2104 available to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel. The new build adds a new feature to the PowerPoint that enables you to insert Flipgrid shorts and Flipgrid videos to your PowerPoint presentations on the Windows, Mac platforms and PowerPoint for the web.

What Is the Flipgrid Tool?

Flipgrid is a free short-form video discussion tool designed for learners, educators, and families. It provides access to intuitive and creative features and functionalities that enable users to engage with their communities robustly. The tool lets you respond to a topic or question by recording short videos.

As an educator, this is undeniably an ideal way to allow your students to voice their opinions and contribute to classroom discussions. Some of the features available with Flipgrid include fun stickers, expressive frames, and a colorful camera and lenses.

The new Microsoft release makes it easy to add Flipgrid videos to enhance and enrich your PowerPoint presentations. With this newly added feature, Flipgrid now joins other platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Stream, and SlideShare in offering supported services for PowerPoint online videos.

How Can I Use Flipgrid, Too, for Learning Environments?

As an educator, create an account, group, and topic. Next, invite your students to join and share their videos related to the topic under discussion. The students can leverage the Flipdgrid features to add texts, emojis, clips, and more to make their recordings livelier. The educator can also customize the discussions through robust moderation and comment settings.

How Do I Integrate Flipgrid Videos into My PowerPoint Presentations?

Adding Flipgrid videos to your PowerPoint presentations takes a few easy steps:

  • Step 1: On your Flipgrid, copy the Share URL of a Flipgrid standard video or a Flipgrid short
  • Step 2: Select the insert tab on your PowerPoint presentation. Then go to windows and select Video > Online Videos. If you are using Mac, select Video > Online Movie. In PowerPoint for the web, click on the Online Video icon
  • Step 3: next, paste the copied Flipgrid video or Flipgrid short into the Dialog Box. Then click the Insert button to place your Flipgrid video on your slide.
  • Step 4: you can resize, move or customize your Flipgrid video layout inside the slide to fit your presentation needs.

What Are the Known Issues with the Flipgrid Video?

When you paste the Flipgrid URL into the dialog box, the Video Preview feature may become unavailable. However, you can still insert and play your play Flipgrid video. At the moment, Microsoft is working to address the issue.

What Are the Requirements to Use Flipgrid Videos with Microsoft PowerPoint?

At the moment, it is only Flipgrid standard videos and Flipgrid shorts that are supported in the PowerPoint. The feature is also only available to Office Insiders running the following Beta Channel builds:

  • Windows: Version 2107 (Build 14221.20000) or later
  • Mac: Version 16.51 (Build 21071101) or later

What Are the Benefits of Using Flipgrid Videos for Your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation?

Flipgrid is a popular tool used by students in over 180 countries. The following are a few benefits of Flipgrid videos:

Offers convenience and flexibility for teachers 

Flipgrid Video Recording is a convenient and flexible tool for educators to use for assessment. The discussions are typically recorded on video, and as a teacher, you have the freedom to decide when and how to assess your student’s recordings. This means that you can complete your assessments outside classroom hours and at your own convenience. You can also review the video several times to focus on aspects of a specific student’s discussion.

Enable students to conduct a self-assessment

Flipgrid video recordings are designed to support self-assessment and reflection for students. The video recording allows the students to view their recordings and identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Flipgrid video recording ensures students are included in their learning process, thus helping learners to improve their skills.

Improve student’s digital literacy skills

Flipgrid tool enables students to acquire skills in producing exceptional online content. Students also learn how to use online tools in their collaborative work. It also motivates students to speak, thus boosting their communication skills.

Improved collaboration

Flipgrid tools make it easier for teachers and learners in different districts and countries to collaborate. This creates opportunities for students to practice their skills with a larger group beyond their classmates. Students can post a video to get practice with the topics they are learning, and instead of being limited to their classroom learning environment, they can build their skills with other students around the world.

Can Students Respond to Each Other on Flipgrid?

Flipgrid comes with a Student-To-Student Replies feature that allows students to interact with their peers within a Flipgrid Topic and engage in an ongoing discussion at their own convenient time and place.

As an educator, you can leverage this feature to engage your students in collaborative dialogue, foster the asking and answering questions, and extend their learning experiences.  It also comes with a Replies-to-Responses feature totally controlled by the educator. You can toggle it on when you create the topic or any time after creation by clicking “Edit Topic.”

Can I Record a Presentation with Flipgrid’s Screen Recording?

As a student, you can record your presentations using Flipgrid’s screen recorder feature. If you created a presentation on Powerpoint, Google Slides, and more, you can record what is on screen and narrate it with audio before submitting it to Flipgrid. Follow the steps below to record your presentations on Flipgrid:

  • Go to the green plus button and tap it to open the Flipgrid camera
  • Next, open the Options drawer, and select Record screen
  • Next, start the screen recording. Head to your preferred application, including Google Slides, PowerPoint, or a website and record, on your screen and audio
  • Once you are through with your recording, select “Stop Sharing,” then complete the next steps to submit the video on Flipgrid.

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