Top 5 Cloud Security Trends

As the threat landscape evolves rapidly, businesses and organizations of all sizes are also changing their cloud security posture and practices to protect themselves.
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Top 5 Cloud Security Trends

Recent studies reveal that nearly 94% of organizations today host their IT environment in the cloud. The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of the cloud as organizations turned to remote work. Unfortunately, the significant advantages that the cloud offers were marred by some critical security threats that followed due to vulnerabilities introduced by remote working. reveals that in 2021, 64 % of the organizations leveraging cloud-named data loss and leakage as their biggest cloud security concern.

As the threat landscape evolves rapidly, businesses and organizations of all sizes are also changing their cloud security posture and practices to protect themselves. This piece looks at the most critical cloud security trends in recent times.

Top 5 Cloud Security Trends

Five Cloud Security Trends Today

Cybersecurity Training 

A critical aspect of robust cybersecurity is education. Experts reveal the end-user provides the weakest link to a potential attack. A recent study shows 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, including your employees and other end users. Regular cybersecurity training and testing can help greatly reverse this trend. This training is provided by managed IT service companies like V&C Solutions that are certified to provide high quality, ongoing security training to an organization’s staff and other end users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Another critical defense that organizations are leveraging to protect themselves from Ransomware is multi-factor authentication. The multi-factor authentication method requires the user to provide two or more verification factors to access a resource such as a system, application, or account. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFS requires additional verification factors such as a code sent to your mobile phone, thus reducing the chances of a successful cyber-attack. This security measure is very cost-effective for all sizes of organizations.

DNS Filtering

DNS filtering is a crucial system used to protect end-users that could be out of your standard corporate firewall from cyber attackers. DNS filtering is a service that blocks malicious websites and applications at the DNS level, thus preventing them from being loaded onto user devices. DNS filtering effectively prevents malware and other malicious software from company networks. It can also block some types of phishing attacks.

Managed Threat Response

In the face of an increasingly complex and rising wave of cyberattacks, organizations need to do more than just deploy anti-virus and anti-malware systems to protect their IT environments. Ideally, these systems need to be managed 24×7 by a Security Operations Center that is highly skilled in threat hunting and mitigation in corporate environments. More and more organizations are now partnering with managed service providers with capabilities to provide 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an experienced team.

Shift Left Security

Shift left security is another effective cloud security trend in recent times. The main idea behind shifting security left is to make security part of application development at an early stage. In the past, security was an afterthought that was tested at the end of the development cycle. However, today security is a critical aspect of everything from planning to deployment of cloud solutions and components.

AI Cloud Security Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest cloud security trends today, helping improve cloud security intelligence. Ideally, AI can identify malicious behavior, enhance protection against bots and hackers and reduce false positives and inconveniences for legitimate users.

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As organizations of different sizes worldwide continuously migrate their resources to the cloud, security issues are becoming a big headache. At V&C Solutions, we understand not all organizations have the resources and skills to implement the latest cloud security solutions in their environments. That is why we provide reliable 24/7 managed cloud security solutions to help you prevent evolving threats from impacting your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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