Tips for Staying Productive During Remote Work

Today, most people are working from home or have some experience working remotely. The best part is that remote work is beneficial for both employers and employees.
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Tips for Staying Productive During Remote Work

Today, most people are working from home or have some experience working remotely. The best part is that remote work is beneficial for both employers and employees. The reason is that workers can focus on the job without the need for close monitoring by their superiors, and managers can maximize the potential of employees as a result of eliminating commute time.

On the other hand, remote work allows you to adopt flexible working hours. That implies that you have time to handle other responsibilities between work, which creates a life-work balance. As much as that is the case, delivering on your office responsibilities is not an option when working from home. So, how do you stay productive when working remotely. Here are a few tips for staying productive as a remote worker.

1. Eliminate Or Limit Distractions

Indeed, remote work removes open-plan office distractions, but other things in such an environment can shift your focus from work. For instance, if you have children in the house, they may need your attention from time to time, which can affect your office work in one way or another. The freedom to be on social media round the clock when working from home can also affect your productivity.

In this case, the solution is removing browser shortcuts for social platforms, ensuring your toolbar bookmarks are free of social media shortcuts, or signing out all your social media accounts when you start working. You can also consider setting timers for the duration you intend to stay on a particular task before taking a break. Additionally, more than enough things requiring your attention around your home throughout the day, and they can be a distraction as well.

So, keeping your working space and home clean and tidy is critical. That will avoid the temptation to focus on house chores before accomplishing your office responsibilities.

2. Adopt A Work Routine

Keeping your regular office routine as much as possible even when working from home is advisable. That will include avoiding the idea of working in your pajamas and setting your alarm to wake you up at the usual time. Making the mental switch in your mind between home and work as a remote worker is paramount if you want to be productive.

As such, you need to dress up like an employee going to the office to have the right mindset when working remotely. You also need to set regular times for breaks and a start and end time for your working hours. It is worth mentioning that you can lose the healthy boundary between home and work when working from home.

As a result, you will find yourself doing one more thing late into the night before retiring to bed. Work should never become your entire life, even if you are working from home. For that reason, you need to adopt a work routine to manage your office and home responsibilities better.

3. Collaborate and Keep in Touch

You can quickly develop a habit of working all day by yourself and sending emails to your boss regarding the progress if you are a remote worker, which should not be the case. Human beings are naturally relational, and that is why keeping in touch with your colleagues and superiors when working remotely is a wise idea.

First of all, if you are working on a project as a group, you cannot afford to work in isolation because it will negatively impact your productivity. As such, collaborating with your colleagues on such a task will go a long way towards yielding faster and better results. Additionally, developing relationships with other telecommuters will help you gain insight into how others stay productive while working remotely. In turn, you can review your schedule and check where you can improve to achieve the most as a remote worker.

4. Plan Your Day

Planning the tasks you plan to handle as the day begins will prove beneficial if you want to stick to the same guidelines you follow. Consider working on high-priority tasks when you have a lot of energy, probably in the morning hours. You also need to plan your work around the needs of your family members if they are around.

Without a proper plan, balancing work and office responsibilities as a remote worker will become a challenge. That suggests that realizing productivity will be a problem in one way or another. By planning your day in the morning and observing the strict time limits you set, you will stay productive the entire period.

5. Ensure Family Members Respect Your Working Hours

Your family members need to appreciate that you need ample time and the right environment at home to work. One way you can remind your loved ones that you are working from home is by having a visual symbol on the entrance to your home office.  Some of the options you can consider, in this case, include hanging a red hand towel over the chair near your work station at the dining table and shutting the door to your home office.

That way, the inhabitants in your home will know you are working, and they will allow you the quiet time you need.

6. Leverage Technology

Sometimes, you may have challenges accomplishing a particular office assignment because you do not have the resources you need. On the other hand, connecting with your colleagues and the management team when working remotely may not be possible. The implication here is that you may not be able to maximize every other day if you do not have access to necessary support.

The best part is that technology is improving communication in remote working settings. As a result, you can access the help you need whenever you need it when working remotely, ensuring that you remain productive.


Over and above the rewarding experience that remote working brings, you can stay productive in such an environment by adopting the tips above. Creating new work habits, doing what you enjoy, and discovering new ways of doing things when you stop commuting, will, without a doubt, allow you to achieve the most as a remote worker.

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