V&C Solutions Helps RVision Solve A Critical Backup Problem — Even While Their Contract Was Suspended

To this day, RVision trusts that V&C Solutions will be available and responsive for any IT issues that occur. Whether it’s a quick remote fix or a visit on-site, V&C Solutions quickly solves IT problems.
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V&C Solutions Helps RVision Solve A Critical Backup Error — Even While Their Contract Was Suspended

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for businesses of all types and sizes. Employees have gotten sick. Revenue has plummeted. Operations have been put on hold.

In the first few months of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to suspend their contracts with managed services providers. After all, if their own businesses were hitting pause while the economy reacted to this global crisis, why would they continue to invest in third parties to manage areas like marketing and IT support?

That was the case for RVision Inc. As a manufacturer of high-end surveillance cameras for clients in the military, law enforcement, and energy sectors, their work all but disappeared when the pandemic first hit. That’s why they had to suspend their IT support contract with V&C Solutions.

Unfortunately, even though their operations had slowed down, that doesn’t mean their IT would take care of itself. It was during this pause in their IT support contact when a critical error occurred.

RVision’s Main Server Lost A Disk, Threatening Their Data Backup

At the worst of times, RVision’s primary server encountered a major error with one of its disks. Without any formal IT support to rely on, suddenly, RVision had to figure out how to deal with a major threat to their data backup.

“We were experiencing some backup failures caused by a faulty disk on one of the servers, making all the servers unstable,” says Bill Montalvo, VP Technical Systems and Sales, RVision Inc. “Part of it was a predictive failure and had we been open, it would have been avoided, but we were shut down due to the pandemic at the time.”

What were Bill and the team at RVision supposed to do? Regardless of what the cause is, data loss is always frustrating and extremely likely to occur.

Data loss can be just as damaging to a business internally as it can be externally. When data loss becomes a recurring problem, morale and productivity in your staff will plummet, as all the work has to be done over and over, and none of the technology the business uses can be truly relied on.

With their data on the line and no other options available to them, RVision reached out to see if V&C Solutions could help.

That’s When V&C Solutions Came To The Rescue

Even though they had suspended their IT support contract and were behind on a few invoices, V&C stepped up to help RVision when they needed it.

“V&C came in nonetheless and spent a weekend migrating most of the servers to a new server and restoring backups where needed,” says Bill.

Over the course of a weekend, the V&C Solutions team performed emergency remote work to move all RVision’s virtual machines to the backup ESX box that they had recommended RVision invest in in the first place. The process took most of the weekend, but all servers were running by Monday when their staff planned to return to work.

“They certainly didn’t have to do this, but they did it based on our relationship and good faith,” says Bill. “They are extremely proactive when they detect certain issues on the network and on individual computers, and they are extremely responsive.”

RVision Relies On V&C Solutions For Their Committed IT Expertise

This data backup solution is just one example of the many ways V&C Solutions has gone above and beyond for RVision Inc. Even ten years ago, when the two companies started working together, V&C Solutions demonstrated a true commitment to their new client.

“They did a site survey at our facility, and made recommendations, even before we hired them on,” says Bill. “It was on the basis of those recommendations and the work that they did that we decided to hire them on, because they clearly knew what they were doing and what our needs were.”

To this day, RVision trusts that V&C Solutions will be available and responsive for any IT issues that occur. Whether it’s a quick remote fix or a visit on-site, V&C Solutions quickly solves IT problems.

“They have multiple tools that allow them to remotely monitor your network’s health and look for predictive failures,” says Bill. “When problems do arise, they can both do remote and onsite support as needed.”

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