How to Hire the Best Network Security Service Provider

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Network Security Service Provider

electing the right network security service provider to support the organization’s own specific needs is a critical decision for any business. Selecting a provider whose staff is well-trained, certified, and professional is of primary importance.

What other factors can you use to help decide which network security service provider is best for your business? This post can serve as a guide for making certain the outsourced network security service provider you select will keep your infrastructure perimeter firewall secure – your data and that of associates and clients safe.

Network Security Service Provider

Importance of Outsourcing a Skilled IT Network Security Service Provider

Network security breaches occur with increasing frequency. In fact, as noted in this Forbes post on the topic of cybersecurity statistics, the year 2020 surpassed all others regarding the amount of data lost due to breaches. The number of cyber-attacks increased due to the expansion of various enabling factors, like emerging technologies and cooperation between hacker groups.  Ransomware, phishing, and data theft threaten to disrupt every size and category of business.

Outsourcing a network security service provider can offer greater protection than most in-house IT security teams can provide, often at a lower cost. Companies specializing in network security have the resources to hire the most highly skilled and experienced IT security professionals.

They can offer 24/7-365 security – event monitoring, investigation, and escalation services. If your business is small to medium your choice may be between a one-person in-house IT security department on-duty for limited days and hours, and an entire team, on-duty all the time.

What to Expect From a Network Security Service Provider

Finding the right network security service provider involves checking to make certain the managed services company offers state-of-the-art professional staff and resources. Also, that it addresses each client’s needs individually, noting the types of risks which are most important to monitor.

Here is a five-point list of some basic services to expect from a network security service provider:

  1. A network security service provider has certified and trained staff to ensure all aspects of security for your network are maintained.
  2. A network security provider will continuously monitor your system to ensure the integrity of your network and your data. Access to monitoring software without the need to troubleshoot its performance lessens chances of downtime and ensures prompt attention as soon as a potential breach is noted.
  3. A network security service provider will work with clients to ensure all their staff and users are properly trained on how to prevent and detect cyber breaches, data breaches, and even ransomware attacks. Only full-time, dedicated IT security personnel would have the know-how to train others well.
  4. A network security service provider works to ensure the perimeter of every client’s network is always protected, by conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and end-user threat assessments.
  5. A network security service provider will ensure the security of email systems such as Google Mail, Microsoft 365, and others. Their staff will see that your employees are aware of how to keep sensitive information safe when utilizing these applications. A managed security service can help set up Microsoft products and accounts securely. Their team can inform your staff members of best practices for use of these products and accounts; procedures that lessen the chance of security issues.

How to Find and Hire the Best Network Security Service Provider

  • First, determine your weaknesses. What security issues seem most apparent? Narrow your list of prospective network security service providers to those who specialize in the services that best address the gaps in your perimeter or wherever your system seems most at risk.
  • Ask each provider under consideration if they serve other customers in the same vertical as your enterprise. If so, they will already be familiar with compliance issues and specific threats and vulnerabilities common to your industry.
  • Determine what service guarantees are offered by each provider under consideration.
  • If a business is complex, especially if it has an international focus, it pays to check and see whether the provider has multiple service operations centers (SOC)s.
  • Service level agreements (SLA)s may be important in some cases. SLAs are usually focused upon metrics. How emergency notifications are timed, is one. Proactive maintenance, another. In the event of an incident, time to resolution is a common SLA metric.
  • Cost is of some consideration. If you don’t anticipate needing frequent consultive support, significantly automated SaaS services can save cash and help keep a network security service provider affordable.
  • Hiring a network security service provider, in most cases, secures full-time security coverage. In-house IT teams for small to medium businesses can’t be on duty 24/7. Threats can happen anytime. Continuous security monitoring offered by network security service providers brings business owners and managers ’round the clock peace of mind.
  • Operational administration by a talented security team can also help organizations keep up with compliance regulations.

Preventive Medicine for Your IT System

Diagnostic procedures like MRIs and vital sign monitoring help detect disease in humans. They often save lives by noting the need for medical intervention.

In a similar manner, penetration testing, endpoint device monitoring, and other tools used by managed detection and response services (MDR), offered by network security service providers, help to lessen the threat of cyberattack by reducing detection and response times.

IT outsourcing companies offering cybersecurity as a service platforms offer affordable, real-time analysis for a prompt response. Managed cyber-security services implemented by a network security service provider deliver the ability to detect and deter almost any threat before it impacts your business.

Considering that the average cost of a security breach is approximately $4 million, determining what your company specifically needs to remain secure, then locating and hiring the best network security service provider who offers state-of-the-art technology and significantly skilled staff needed to implement the plan, is a proactive approach to supporting organizational success.

Our V&C Solutions team is here to answer your questions if you are considering the selection of a network security service provider. Such a service can help ensure any security breach is caught as soon as possible before significant damage occurs to your organization’s reputation or bottom line.  Contact us for details on how managed IT security services can offer better value and greater assurance than hiring an in-house team to manage your security plan.

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