Top 7 Microsoft 365 Benefits for Businesses in the Bay Area

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Top 7 Microsoft 365 Benefits for Businesses in the Bay Area

Do you know why this Microsoft offering is one of the most widely-used productivity suites in the cloud? Discover the reasons behind Microsoft 365’s popularity among tech-savvy Bay Area business leaders.

Nowadays, most company leaders are quick to invest in the right productivity tools that optimize their workflow operations and give them an edge over the competition. And while there’s hardly a shortage of cloud productivity tools out there, one particular stands out among them all-Microsoft 365.

In fact, in Europe, Microsoft 365 takes the majority of the market share, while in the US, its only competitor is Google’s G Suite. So, why is Microsoft 365 the go-to productivity tool for countless businesses? Keep reading to learn about the seven key benefits of this versatile, cloud-based platform.

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What Is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (also called Microsoft Office 365) is Microsoft’s productivity suite that brings together several handy apps including, Exchange, Outlook, Excel, Word, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Because it’s cloud-based, Microsoft 365 delivers the full-featured experience anywhere, anytime, provided you have an internet-enabled device.

What Are the 7 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 to Businesses in the Bay Area?

  • You Can Access Files Anywhere: With Microsoft 365, all your files will be safely stored in the cloud. Naturally, this allows you access from any location, on any device connected to the internet. This is particularly useful in today’s work-from-home culture, as most organizations are spread across multiple home offices.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Microsoft 365 utilizes several robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive data. For example, two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access while threat detection and anti-malware identify and stop threats immediately.
  • Efficient Communication: Microsoft 365 offers an extensive array of communication tools ranging from chat-based options to video-conferencing platforms. All these are incredibly user-friendly and integrate seamlessly to keep communications centralized and straightforward. Skype for Business enables you to make video conference calls and meet with team members and external parties from across the globe. Teams has an instant chat function that allows users to upload files and post comments simultaneously, making it convenient for cross-department collaboration.
  • Predictable IT Spending: Payment for Microsoft 365 is on a per-user, per month basis. The overall cost of your licenses also depends on your chosen level of functionality. This makes coming up with an accurate budget for your IT relatively straightforward. What’s more, you can adjust the number of licenses as your needs vary, so you never over-license.
  • Business Continuity: With your information securely stored and regularly backed up in the cloud, Microsoft 365 ensures your business is prepared in case of a disaster. While your physical devices may be destroyed, all your important files will be safe in the cloud. The recovery features in Exchange enable individuals to restore emails and even entire inboxes. Whatever happens, Microsoft 365 will help your business get back up and running in the shortest time possible.
  • Centralized Collaboration: Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools allow you to share calendars, mailboxes, and edit documents all in real-time. You can easily view available team members and identify meeting times that suit everyone by sharing calendars on Exchange. Documents saved in SharePoint can be conveniently accessed and edited by multiple team members in real-time. These documents can also be shared as a link in an email. Collaboration on Microsoft 365 is virtually limitless!
  • Automated Upgrades: Using Microsoft 365, you can access all the essential applications like Word, Outlook, and Excel online. Because you don’t need to install any software on your devices, you never have to worry whether you’re on the latest versions. All upgrades are carried out automatically.

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