Managed Security In The Cloud

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Information security is a global challenge, and risk management of resources and data is constantly changing. Protecting your business against vulnerabilities is of utmost importance at both the network and application layer. One solution that managed security services can offer is in providing a cloud backup service for all of your important business information, data and intelligence. With cloud backup, you can always be sure that you will be able to recover all of your system should malware, hacking or other security disaster ever strike.

One the true beauties of utilizing the cloud is in the top grade security that IT can offer. Inevitably, this security will be far beyond anything that your business could provide in-house. And with managed security services, this move into the cloud will all be taken care of for you, and that means that you can rest assured that not only is your business benefitting from the protection of some of the finest security in the world, but the management of your data as IT moves to and from the cloud is protected with an equal level of professionalism.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the security benefits that cloud security can offer your business.

Cost Effective

Firstly, using managed security in the cloud is extremely cost effective. So much so, in fact, that SMBs and even start-ups no longer need the considerable financial backing that they did only a few short years ago in terms of buying software licenses and hardware. Cloud providers work on a subscription basis – in yesteryears, you would have had to have paid for software upgrades and storage space when moving data to the cloud, but now, within the subscription costs, all of this is now included in one neat little package. Indeed, when subscribing to managed services, all of the management is included also, so you know exactly what you are paying for, what IT involves, and exactly what level of security you can expect.

Also, the lack of a fixed contract means that your business has the flexibility should IT scale up or down in accordance with your needs. Resources can be readily adjusted so that you only ever pay for exactly what you use. This is great for start-ups in particular. Since your initial investment will be considerably less, the risk involved, should the new company start to encounter difficulties, is considerably reduced.

No Need For An In-house IT Team

If you are utilizing managed services, then one of the biggest savings that you will make is of course in the negation of a need for an IT team. IT used to be the case that a dedicated member of staff or a whole team was required to manage a business’ software and network, but once you move to the cloud with managed services, you and your employees can have secure access to any work, information and software from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world – ideal for companies who have remote teams.

Storage and Recovery

As mentioned above, the cloud enables secure access to vast amounts of data from any computer. This means that both internal and external staff can get to the information they need anywhere – all that’s needed is a password.

What is more, the fact that all data is stored online means that in the case of a security breach or system failure, which may sometimes mean that all computer-based data is lost, that same information can be quickly and securely recovered from the cloud, and your managed security service will ensure that this is done for you. Backups such as this are even included in your managed cloud security package.

Antivirus Security

Cloud antivirus services nearly all work in the same way – a small client or agent piece of software runs on each in-house device and makes a connection to the central cloud server. Provided you have an internet connection, updates to the virus signatures are always automatic. Since most of the heavy lifting in terms of security happens in the cloud itself, your in-house devices actually need very little memory, for IT is on the central server in the cloud where potential infections are tracked, though these can of course be monitored and viewed on any browser.

Key Antivirus Benefits For Managed Security In The Cloud:

  • You never need worry that your users and employees might forget to install latest virus signatures, or that they accidentally turn off protection software.
  • You can instantly see and monitor what is happening on your network, and which devices are protected.
  • There is less software to install.
  • All of the above is managed for you.

When moving to the cloud with managed services, your security and protection is absolutely guaranteed. With your back up and recovery taken care of, your antivirus initiatives all cared for, and all at considerably lower cost than forking out for an in-house IT team, the benefits are exceptional. Contact us to find out what our cloud security packages can do for you.

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