Can Your IT Company Help When Your Internet Is Down?

If ISP issues become the norm, a small business is on its deathbed. Here are some the common ISP issues and how V&C Solutions resolves them.
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Can Your IT Company Help When Your Internet Is Down?

The moment the internet goes down, your employees get distracted as they wait for it to return. As a result, their morale decreases which heavily impacts their productivity. If ISP issues become the norm, you can be sure that your small business is on its deathbed.

You pay staff salaries that did not bring in the projected revenue, which could leave you with a loss on your income statement. Customers likely get frustrated if they cannot reach you because the internet was down. Thus, they will seek your competitor’s services, which in turn reduces your market share. Such are the outcomes of having an unreliable internet service provider (ISP). Let’s help you understand the common ISP issues threatening your business and how V&C Solutions can resolve them.
employees reviewing ISP issues causing a shut down at an office.

Common ISP Issues

Poor Connectivity

After sending a specific file to the cloud, expect your employees to begin working on it immediately. Unfortunately, your ISP could be a letdown when the document fails to upload to the cloud in time. If you have adopted the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, you are adding more devices to a network, meaning that even the staff cannot efficiently work on their devices due to a lag in speed.

One survey in 2013 revealed that, on average, an employee wastes one week each year waiting on the company’s internet to respond. In a small business with ten employees, that amounts to 10 weeks collectively with ISP issues. It significantly affects the bottom line as it means you pay salaries for ten weeks of doing absolutely nothing.

With a reliable IT service provider such as V&C Solutions, you can be sure that employees are making every second count in raking in revenue for your business. Through our fully managed IT services, we can immediately notify you when your network is experiencing a glitch and resolve it remotely or on-site no matter the time of the day. We can also make recommendations such as adopting 5G technologies proven to be much faster.

Frequent Outages

Besides the BYOD policy causing your internet to be sluggish, it could result in a total outage. Other reasons for internet outage could be a hardware failure or disconnected cables in the company; sometimes it could be on the ISP issues’ end at which point you will have to wait for them to fix it. Moreover, your internet settings could be hindering the connectivity due to a firewall or router configuration. It could also be equipment that has not been correctly installed. Thus, causing power surges that damage the infrastructure and leaving you without internet.

Although some reasons are beyond your control, such as natural disasters, others can be mitigated. Having V&C Solutions deal with your infrastructure’s regular maintenance ensures that your system is in the proper working condition. With our co-managed IT services, your in-house IT team can focus on the business core areas while taking care of server infrastructure, mobile device support, and network support. We can suggest what needs to be done to prevent future outages and improve network efficiency through routine maintenance.

Besides, we can facilitate network recovery when damaged infrastructure caused the internet outage; we install new devices and rigorously test them to make sure that all network connections perform optimally. You will also need to restore and back up images and data; hence we provide real-time backup services to prevent loss of data. If you cannot isolate the device causing frequent outages, our skilled technicians at V&C Solutions can reconfigure all network devices to keep the internet connection at its best.

Insufficient Bandwidth

Bandwidth compares to lanes such that an efficient bandwidth should enable more users to use it. Most bandwidth problems result from downloading large files, watching videos on the internet, streaming data, and large file transfers. With low bandwidth, your business experiences slow speed when you have to transfer large files to your employees.

Instead of asking your employees to wait until there is light network traffic to access the files sent to the cloud, you can employ redundant internet services. Redundant internet connections enable you to have multiple paths for your staff. Thus, they access the internet such that if one ISP has insufficient bandwidth, you can rely on the other to continue working. After all, it is highly improbable for two different ISP networks to be down simultaneously.

V&C Solution comes in handy to configure the correct software. If the primary connection is down, the secondary will take over, and you will not experience an outage or downtime. You could also ditch your ISP and look for another service provider whose bandwidth caters to your needs. Another option is to look at what is affecting your bandwidth; it could be too many devices or full storage devices. Another cause for low bandwidth is an infected system, in which case you can rely on V&C Solutions to implement robust security measures.

Choose a Reliable IT Service Provider for ISP Issues

The kind of ISP you choose for your business could determine how long your business will be a going concern. You don’t have to wait until your ISP issues begin with slow internet connection and outages. With V&C Solutions frequently checking on your network infrastructure, we can proactively manage the problem you are likely to experience with your internet connectivity.

Through our IT services that include cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and work from home solutions, too, your needs are well taken care of when you leave them to us to cater to your IT needs. Our operation areas are the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose, so feel free to contact us now. We are ever ready to help you assess your IT infrastructure’s health and provide solutions.

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