7 Signs You Chose A Great IT Company 

What makes a great IT company in San Jose? V&C put together a list of the seven top characteristics of a great IT company.
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7 Signs You Chose A Great IT Company

An excellent IT company will take your organization to the next level. How do they do that? Discover the seven signs to look for when choosing that company.

When partnering with the right IT organization, you will enjoy many benefits. Including expert services, leverage innovations, cost savings, gaining a competitive edge, and satisfied clients. Many providers claim they are the right fit for you, and they will help you achieve your objectives. But how can you identify an excellent IT company? This article will help you spot them using our seven signs.

What Are the Signs of a Great IT Company?

They Are Available 24/7

IT emergencies do not follow a regular schedule. They can happen at any time. Once you encounter an IT issue, your next step is to contact technical support. The IT company is reachable to address or clarify your concerns at any time. They will monitor these channels and provide quick feedback. That helps you avoid frustrations and potential losses.

These active communication channels can include:

  • Ticket system
  • Telephone
  • Email support
  • And more

They Will Prioritize Cybersecurity

Statistics show that over 60% of breaches happened where the organization knew of the vulnerability but did not patch it. The average cost of a breach is well over $3 million. Can you afford this expense? A great IT company is proactive in prioritizing cybersecurity and saving you from the consequences of a potential breach.

Your IT company will help you in these ways:

  • Train your employees to identify threats and aggressively report suspicious activity.
  • Partner with you to develop reliable cybersecurity measures.
  • Provide you proactive solutions to safeguard the IT infrastructure across the network.
  • Update your cybersecurity protection to address each warning and potential threat.
  • Conduct frequent assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Provide Proactive IT Services and Support

Many organizations use IT solutions to achieve their objectives. Your competitors use them to gain a competitive advantage over your organization. A great IT company provides proactive technical services and support to ensure you remain competitive and help you achieve your goals.

Your IT company will provide proactive services and support in these ways:

  • Identify and guide you on IT innovations that can take you to the next level.
  • They do regular maintenance to identify and fix infrastructure issues early.
  • Advise you on technology investments that give you a competitive edge.

They Have Excellent Reviews From Clients

Their client reviews reveal a lot about the company. They can tell you whether the IT firm satisfies its clients’ needs. Would you want to partner with an IT company that doesn’t help their clients? A great IT firm has excellent reviews. They listen to the client and help them exceed their expectations. Your organization can relax, knowing the service provider has a track record of satisfying their clients.

You can check the clients’ reviews on various platforms such as:

  • Search engines and professional websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Some company pages
  • Contacting previous clients

Provide Expert Services for Your Industry

Firms in different sectors have varying IT needs. For example, medical institutions need HIPAA compliant services to safeguard protected health information. Other firms may require a higher degree of cybersecurity protection. Working with an IT company that provides the expert services that your industry needs enables you to get the solutions you want. Their support will help your organization achieve each objective.

An IT company can be an expert in your industry if:

  • It has experience working with your industry’s organizations.
  • The company knows and meets your sector’s specific requirements and regulations.
  • It has professionals that your industry is looking to partner with to fulfill the needs.

Provides Flexible Arrangements

Your IT partner will be flexible. They will not back you into a corner where you must take their services as agreed upon in the initial contract. While IT companies may require express terms, they should treat your arrangement as a partnership and help you succeed. Flexible arrangements can help your organization. When you need to revise the contract, the updates will support your current technology needs.

An IT company can provide flexible arrangements in these ways:

  • Leave an exit clause for you if they do not satisfy your needs.
  • Be open to amending the contract if you scale.
  • They offer some free services, such as consultations.

They Offer Services With Transparent Pricing

A great IT organization provides transparent pricing. They will not send unauthorized invoices or statements. In your contract, it will state your monthly charges. It will also list what is and is not covered. That billing enables you to plan your expenditures to ensure they account for essential services.

An IT company’s fees can be an issue if:

  • They send unexpected bills, such as charges for services beyond your arrangement.
  • You received an invoice for services not performed or authorized.

Your organization wants an IT firm you can trust to offer services and support that help you achieve your objectives. V&C Solutions is an IT company that will help you do that. Our experts will sit with you, listen to your needs, answer your questions, and provide the IT services and support you need to reach the next level.

V&C Solutions provides IT support and services. Our solutions include cybersecurity, cloud solutions, managed IT services, and consulting.

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