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March 5, 2015

How Your Business Can Save Thousands With Managed Services

managed services

Deciding whether or not to outsource any element of your business nearly

always, in the end, boils down to a question of costs. Whether that’s the cost of

your time, resources, staff or hard cash, the question is essentially the same –

will my business feel the benefits if I outsource a segment of its workload?

In an attempt to answer this with regards to managed services, there are many

things to bear in mind – so let’s take a look at what they are, and then we’ll delve

a little deeper into each item.


Where Can Savings Be Made With Managed Services?

1. Time: Outsourcing some or all of your IT work will inevitably free up

your time and your staff’s time to focus on more pressing business

matters – such as serving customers.

2. Resources: You can immediately cut down on the volume of in‐house

hardware that you will have to run, maintain, update and upscale as your

business grows.

3. Money: Instead of employing a full time IT person or team, if you

outsource this can prove to be a vital money‐saver, especially for SMEs

running on tight margins. You will also negate the need at the outset to set

yourself up with lots of expensive hardware.

4. Downtime: If your network goes down or your computers start to

operate slowly, then you’re losing money every second. With the

expertise of managed services, your hired help will be able to spot any

potential hiccups in advance and prevent any problems before they occur.

Ok, so those are the 4 main areas where you can make significant savings with

managed services. But, let’s delve a little deeper into each point so you know

exactly where your savings are coming from.


Saving Money With Managed Services


It’s the way of the world today that, even if you’re a dedicated hardware store,

technology will be the backbone of your company. It’s where you will be keeping

all your customer files, your receipts, your order forms, invoices, payroll and all

the rest. Put simply, there is a lot of valuable information that you will have

stored on your computer system, and that system will need to be maintained.

As your business grows, so does the IT job in hand. All business owners are

budget conscious – they have to be; we all know how tough it is out there. And

so, for many SMEs, it simply isn’t possible for you or for your staff to be

constantly ‘out the back’ working on computer maintenance when you all should

be doing your utmost to promote and protect your business and bring on new

clients. But, if you offload this time‐consuming work to expert professionals, not

only can you rest assured that everything will be handled a lot more securely and

routinely than perhaps you have the qualifications for yourself (you’re a

business person, not a computer hacker, right?), then you will save yourself

ample time to do the most important thing of all – grow your business.


By getting into managed services what you will probably be doing is getting into

cloud computing as well. If you’re just starting up your business, then you will

need a lot of hardware just to get off the ground – phone systems, a datacenter,

computers possibly by the dozen with software for the lot of them.

Stop right there. That bill is getting far too high already. Instead of storing all of

these things in‐house, then you can turn to managed services who can utilize

cloud technology at an affordable rate to take care of all of this for you. From

VoIP systems to cloud storage and software – managed services can find your

business the right solution that will be cost effective and scalable, as well as

managing all of the risk and overseeing all of the maintenance for you. It’s a

smart move for a smart SME.


If you want to hire your own in‐house IT team, then the chances are that,

although they might very well be reasonably versed in some aspects of

technology, it will be nothing compared to the expertise that you will be able to

access by going with the dedicated IT and tech aficionados that make up a

managed services team.

Managed service providers live for technology. They are always up to date with

all the latest malware threats and take pride in staying ahead of them. Managed

services can either supplement your in‐house IT team, or serve as the whole

team themselves if that better suits your budget.


Every time your business goes offline, you’re leaking money, and that is

unacceptable. You won’t necessarily have the time or even the expertise to

preempt a problem or a malware strike before it actually occurs – but your

managed services team will.

They will routinely scan your network and all of your computers to ensure that

they are completely free from viruses, malware, spyware, and are always

operating at their full capacity. This means that your business will always be

fully functioning, up to date and up to speed for all of your clients.

Are you thinking about managed services? Get in touch with us here at V&C

Solutions, and we’ll find the right the right package for you.