7 Tips to Stay Productive During Remote Work

Remaining productive while working from home has challenges. Here are a few tips for to keep your profits growing during remote work.
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7 Tips to Stay Productive During Remote Work

You lose money every time your staff is inconvenienced from working. More losses occur when you cannot handle issues because the employees work from home. As much as you want to give your employees the space they need to work remotely, you have to be sure that they are not driving the business down. Remaining productive while working from home has challenges. Here are a few tips for your business to keep your profits growing during remote work.

Installing Applications for Effective Communication

For your business to run without hiccups, you must adopt frequent and clear communication. Working from home is a new experience for most employees. They can feel disconnected and lack a sense of belonging without interacting with colleagues.

We eliminate the risk of such negative emotions adversely affecting their productivity by installing software applications that improve connection. Technologies such as video conferencing apps, messaging apps, and project management apps will allow you and your employees to stay on track no matter where each one of you is located.

Switching to Cloud-Based Services for Remote Work

Being able to get what you need whenever you need it, regardless of where you are, is essential in remaining productive, especially when you are working remotely. Therefore, at V&C Solutions, we ensure that your staff can work from the comfort of their homes through our cloud-based services. Cloud-computing makes data extremely accessible from a central web-based hub such that your employees do not need to report to the office to retrieve a particular file.

Besides, most of the software is not installed on your staff’s computers but is on the office computers. Through our cloud computing services, your employees have access to any office computer applications to facilitate their project. Such technologies enable meeting whatever deadlines you have agreed with your clients.

Adopt Virtual Desktops

Setting up traditional desktop computers wastes time. Additionally, such hardware is also hard to maintain with every minute spent in maintenance reducing productivity. Luckily, at V&C, Solution, we know how much you want to incur low costs while still achieving optimal efficiency. Therefore we offer virtual desktop interface solutions so that your staff does not have to take home the work machines.

Instead, they can access every software program and file with a virtual desktop that would be impossible to access if they relied on a personal computer. Since configuration takes hours, adopting virtual desktops to enable remote working reduces delays and improves productivity significantly.

Embracing the Learning Curve

It may seem easy for anyone with a technical background to adopt the skills to work remotely. However, not everyone is tech-savvy, and some of your employees may feel the pressure to equip themselves with the required skills as soon as possible to avoid dragging the team behind. Consequently, it dampens their morale hence reduces their productivity.

Fortunately, at V&C Solutions, we make learning the use of IT software and hardware much easier. We give each person the attention s/he deserves to master the skills to handle any remote work.

Mobile Device Management

Since desktop PCS are not likely to be in use when working remotely, employees will prefer to use mobile phones and tablets. Unfortunately, handling such diverse devices can be a headache unless you have a single platform. Mobile Device Management comes in handy when employees use the same devices for personal and work needs.

Mobile device management helps keep the business data secure through some applications such as instant messaging. However, it also increases productivity by automation. If your business manages several mobile devices, mobile device management facilitates automation, which reduces human error and increases the speed of setting up by 30 minutes.

Employees do not have to waste precious time setting up the device themselves or asking the IT department for help because, at V&C Solutions, we provide pre-configured devices with access to the necessary data for efficient job performance.
A man video conferencing with his team during remote work.

Getting the Right Technical Setup for Remote Work

Sometimes, remote work is hampered by the lack of proper tools to handle the business. If you prefer conducting your meeting through Zoom instead of Google Hangouts, ensure that everybody has Zoom. On the other hand, if you prefer Dropbox instead of Google Drive, ensure everyone understands.

Having information scattered in bits because everyone prefers a different setup means that you spend more time looking for it in the various tools. V&C Solutions assesses the knowledge of your staff in using specific applications and their versatility. We then recommend tools that will not bother anyone. As a result, the technical setup will work towards improving productivity, not against it.

Improving Data Security

Strained relationships between your staff and the IT department stifle business development, growth, and innovation. According to one survey, 71% of those working in the IT department feel like they are the bad guys for restricting access to some unauthorized content. The friction is heightened by the need to protect the business while still expecting workers to work freely.

Data security experts warned that remote working would increase security threats because businesses would not detect and contain threats in time. The IT department spends 572 hours a year catering to the complaints of disgruntled customers and employees who cannot access certain sites. Thus, you can imagine the lost man-hours that could have been funneled into the business.

Keep Your Employee Productive During Remote Work

Remote working hinders your company’s growth without disciplined when not physically present to oversee their work. However, at V&C Solutions, we offer an array of IT services to streamline all your business processes for optimal productivity. If your business is in San Jose or the San Francisco Bay Area, that’s where we operate! Schedule a call, and let’s partner up in helping you stay productive as you work from home.

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