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  • On-site Servers: Many companies have severs in their office. Maintaining a server environment on site  vitally important. We ensure that servers are protected form unexpected power disruptions, redundancy as well  protected, and backed-up on a regular basis. We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This server management is just another part of our ongoing monthly IT services and support.
  • Collocated servers: Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment. Many small and large companies host their servers in colocation facility so they don’t have to wary about their servers going down due to power or internet issues.  V&C Solutions maintenance  colocation center where we host many of our customer servers.
  • Cloud based servers: The cloud provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying web-scale solutions, with minimal support and administration costs, and more flexibility than you’ve come to expect from your own infrastructure, either on-premise or at a datacenter facility. We work with many cloud providers, some of the biggest once are Amazon, RackSpace and Microsoft Cloud services.

Windows Servers

Windows Servers are the backbone for most businesses today. Whether you have an outdated server or no server at all, you likely have questions on how to invest your resources most effectively. It’s best not to try to answer these without the help of experts. A server purchase is probably the biggest technology investment that you will make, something you’ll live with for the next half decade.

At V&C, our server consultants provide the Windows Server expertise necessary for helping Bay Area businesses, from San Francisco to San Jose, answer these tough questions and ensure that they invest resources wisely now and in the future.

As a Dell Partner, we truly understand hardware requirements associated with a Windows Server technology. We are all Microsoft Certified, having individually proven to Microsoft that we are experts at deploying and managing their software solutions for small businesses.

With this knowledge, we help you evaluate the effectiveness your existing investments, assess your current and future needs and explain your options in detail before recommending any type of new investment. For example, companies that have already invested in Windows Server 2003 may decide it’s most cost-effective to upgrade and maintain their existing server environment for another year or so before considering a complete upgrade. Others that have not yet invested may decide the time is right to move away from an individual PC or workgroup solution to a centralized Windows server infrastructure. We understand the idiosyncrasies of all these environments and are able to support and advise businesses with any server installation.

Once deployed, maintaining a Windows Server environment is vitally important. We ensure that you keep patched, protected, and backed-up on a regular basis. We leverage innovative management software to quickly and seamlessly perform these tasks, making sure everything from e-mail to critical business applications run smoothly. This server management is just another part of our ongoing monthly IT services and support.

Linux/Unix Servers

Your business and technical needs may go beyond the standard Windows Server environment. Finding an IT services and support team with expertise in both Windows and Linux—one that can truly support a heterogeneous environment—is a challenge. We’re proud to offer a team of IT professionals at V&C Solutions who have ample experience installing and supporting both platforms.

We help you maintain and support installations of Bugzilla, Sendmail, SFTP servers, TWIKI and many other Unix-based environments, and we cover your full infrastructure, from your ISP’s modem all the way out to your desktops.

Virtual Severs

Once the domain of big enterprise with deep pockets, virtualization is now a useful and increasingly common tool for small- to medium-sized businesses. Companies of any size have access to inexpensive or free virtualization packages and powerful computing resources that support this cutting-edge technology. At V&C, we are well versed in how to effectively implement low-cost virtual solutions for SMBs.

First, we help you evaluate if virtualization in right for your business. We consider how your current physical resources are being utilized. Do you have a number of different servers doing different tasks? Are these same services spending significant time sitting idle? Are you concerned with the current cost, efficiency and time spent supporting and maintaining your existing server environment?

We also look at future needs. Do you anticipate finite periods of increased demand on your server environment in the coming year? Are you looking for ways to more effectively test and deploy new applications and software? Do you need more data storage or want to increase the frequency of back-ups for more seamless recovery during outages and disasters?

Once we’ve evaluated the need, we work with you to navigate the plethora of free and open source virtualization implementations that are available to companies of your size. We help you select the right solution for your business and deploy your virtualization environment with ease.




Ask the Experts

V&C’s Server Infrastructure Q&A

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Can I combine my Linux and Windows accounts make accessing them easier?

Yes. With a Windows active directory environment in place, we can help you leverage built-in solutions to combine the accounts centrally.


What is virtualization?

Virtualization is, at its most basic level, the process of splitting or partitioning a computer into different, distinct virtual computers. The computer is physically a single machine, but the virtual computers can interact with devices, users, software or networks as if it were a separate machine. For businesses implementing virtualization technology, benefits include cost, energy and time savings as well as improved scalability and efficiency of IT support and services.


Is my business big enough to make virtualization worthwhile?

With the free virtualization software and affordable server hardware available today, even the smallest businesses can benefit from virtualization. We work with you to evaluate different options and determine if virtualization makes sense for your business.

For more information about how effectively implement virtualization at a small business, check out Igor’s recent article on the topic in Virtual Intelligence Briefing.


What is Amazon Web Services?

Highly-available and scalable web hosting can be a complex and expensive proposition. Traditional scalable web architectures have not only needed to implement complex solutions to ensure high levels of reliability, but have also required an accurate forecast of traffic to provide a high level of customer service. Dense peak traffic periods and wild swings in traffic patterns result in low utilization rates of expensive hardware, yielding high operating costs to maintain idle hardware, as well as an inefficient use of capital for underutilized hardware. Amazon Web Services provides the reliable, scalable, secure, and highly performing infrastructure required for the most demanding web applications – while enabling an elastic, scale-out and scale-down infrastructure model to match IT costs with real-time customer traffic patterns.


What are the Business Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Almost zero upfront infrastructure investment:

Just-in-time Infrastructure.

More efficient resource utilization.

Usage-based costing.

Reduced time to market.