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Having a useful, inexpensive Intranet is almost a business requirement these days. It allows for easy access to shared information within a company or department. Just about every level of employee is familiar with web browsing, and Intranet solutions offer the same baseline accessibility and ease-of-use.

For Bay Area businesses, from San Francisco to San Jose, we offer an easy-to-use and -deploy intranet solution at V&C – one that leverages the Microsoft Office software in which you’ve already invested. Windows SharePoint Services is included with your Windows-based server, and we make sure you take advantage of it. We deploy the solution quickly and provide ongoing support for those using it. We ensure all stakeholders have access to the tool and that they know how to use it.

SharePoint also connects with your Windows domain. This allows for the authentication and restriction of certain parts of the network to certain employees. For example, we help you ensure only certain employees get access to the HR documentation that pertains to their job function. We see this type of user-based access as an important way to make sure that critical business information remains secure and that users are not confused by information that doesn’t pertain to them or their job function.


Ask the Experts

V&C’s Intranet & Collaboration Tools Q&A

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Can we share and edit documents on an Intranet?

Almost all the intranet tools today have some sort of document library. SharePoint in particular lets you edit the documents and save them right back to their spot on the web.


Have a running task list that you’d like to share across an entire department? Need to create company-wide announcements more easily, build an interactive vacation calendar or more?

SharePoint makes this all easy. You can create simple task lists, and they can be customized to hold any type of information you want or need. You have a home page that holds the latest announcements, and you can set how long you would like them to stay there. You can also create shared calendars for better managing employee schedules. If you leverage the user access tool, you can set it so that only certain employees can edit it, while everyone else can view it.

If you invest in SharePoint, we work with you and other stakeholders to ensure that they know how to use the solution effectively. We are also easily available if questions arise.