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Whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone or Android, everyone’s using a smartphone for work and for play. These devices have made a huge leap forward in both ease-of-use and functionality. But with all these choices, many have questions about whether they’ve selected the right type of solution to meet their professional and personal needs, and if they’ve deployed the right type of infrastructure to support their phone.

At V&C Solutions, we not only have experience setting up these devices and the software to support them, we also use them ourselves. We answer all your questions about different types of smartphones, and once you’ve selected a phone, we work with you to set up and explain how to use the software necessary for installing new applications and synching up your phone with your computer.

We hook your mobile devices directly to Microsoft Exchange or your other e-mail provider. This means you and your colleagues more easily install critical business applications on your phones and synchronize e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos and more to your computers. For security purposes, we deploy the most advanced security features available for mobile devices, those that allow you to impose a device lockdown or wipe data from a lost or stolen phone.

With our help, you can make informed decisions as you invest in new devices for yourself or for your company. You also have piece of mind that new mobile technology isn’t introducing frightening security risks.


Ask the Experts

V&C’s Mobile Device Support Q&A

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Do I have the infrastructure to support the latest mobile devices?

If you have your own Microsoft Exchange mail server or you have a hosted solution, like Hosted Microsoft Exchange or Gmail, then you can connect any of the latest devices to it with the correct set up. We work with you to ensure that your smartphone is supported with the latest software upgrades and that it’s synched directly with your e-mail system.


What is the difference between a Blackberry, iPhone or Android? Which one will best suit my needs?

The marketing people from Google, Apple, and RIM would be able to answer that better, from our perspective they all provide you the same basic functionality. Some security concerns still exist for the iPhones and Androids, and we are happy to discuss these with you so you have a solid understanding of the risks before you make your investment in a new phone.