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The assets of professional services firms reside in two primary categories – people and IT.

The people need technologies and systems that enable them to access data quickly, make sound decisions and provide services to their clients as efficiently as possible.

The IT demands are high and must be met with precision and speed. Considerations like data privacy and security are paramount. And, specific industry compliance and government regulations are required of financial, legal and architecture firms.

We understand well the people plus IT dichotomy. Our team is very accomplished at deploying IT solutions that meet the requirements of the people, the industry and the government.

At V&C, we will work with you to:

  • Ensure that your network, infrastructure and software are meeting the demands of your business and employees. We find that time, access to information and ease-of-use are the most common technical concerns for companies like yours. You and your employees need information quickly and easily from anywhere you happen to be.
  • Recommend upgrades to existing systems and applications and a plan for providing ongoing services and support that allow you and your employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. For professional service firms, in particular, we focus on solutions that offer speed, remote accessibility, security and compliance.
  • Upgrade existing solutions, implement any new hardware, software and services and educate individual users about new tools and services, whether remotely or face-to-face.
  • Get to know all the people at the organization and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out to any member of our team with even the smallest problem or technical consideration.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and recommendations for upgrades/change.
  • Offer immediate support in the event of a crisis situation.