IT Services For Nonprofit Organizations

Need reliable IT services for your Bay Area or San Jose Nonprofit? V&C Solutions is here to take care of your firm’s IT needs. 

We Provide Affordable IT Services for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Is your nonprofit organization’s IT department small or understaffed?
  • Are there concerns about the security of your stakeholder and staff information?
  • Do you want to assure donors that there is little risk of losing vital data?

Implementation and maintenance of modern IT infrastructure come at a high price tag that most nonprofits on tight budgets struggle to meet. What’s more, new technologies require a team of highly trained and experienced staff to set up and keep running effectively. V&C Solutions provides proactive support, advisory, and IT services for nonprofit organizations to keep them focused on their core missions.

Bay Area Nonprofit IT Services

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The Tech Challenges Facing Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits need to focus on programs, fundraising, volunteers, projects, staff welfare, and many other mission-oriented tasks. It is often difficult for them to dedicate the time needed to tackle technology issues and data security. V&C Solutions provides a range of IT services for nonprofit organizations to help them handle their technology challenges that include:

  • Data security
  • Replacement of legacy systems
  • Data storage and management
  • Mobility solutions
  • Data backup and other tech-based continuity solutions
  • Enforcement of security best practices and policies
  • Migration to the cloud
  • Staff training
  • Budgeting and vendor management
IT Services For Nonprofit Organizations

The IT Solutions We Provide for Nonprofit Organizations

Most nonprofits’ tight budgets mean they are often short on funds, so they commonly put IT requirements on the back burner. However, V&C Solutions has a suite of IT services that ensure give them access to enterprise-class IT resources at a price they can afford. 

Bay Area IT Services Nonprofit

Cybersecurity Solutions

Nonprofit organizations need to prioritize data security since it keeps donor data and enhances their organizational reputation. If you have the appropriate cybersecurity policies and protocols in place, you can protect your infrastructure from attacks. We provide:

  • Anti-malware
  • Managed antivirus
  • System updates
  • Spam filtering
  • Software patches
  • Server monitoring

“Unlike other IT outsourcing firms we’ve worked with, V&C can support both the Windows and Unix environments and do so in a cost-effective manner.”

John Tingleff
Sensor Platforms

Managed Cloud Applications

Cloud computing is a cost-effective way for your nonprofit organization to leverage cutting-edge technology. We are a Microsoft Certified Service Provider, offering Azure and Office 365, as well as G-Suite, a cloud-based productivity suite from Google. The key features of our cloud solutions are:

  • Document creation and collaboration
  • Secure remote network access
  • Global connectivity
  • Expert tech support and training
  • Seamless migration
  • One Drive storage
  • Google Drive integration
  • Domain-based email
  • Access control
IT Services For Bay Area Nonprofit
Bay Area Nonprofit IT Services

Data Backup and Restore

To keep your organization running in case of an unexpected disaster, you need to constantly make backups of your critical data. We provide a unified solution that gives your organization operational viability through a simple and affordable solution. The benefits of the backup solution include:

  • Cloud-based backups
  • On-site data management
  • High reliability
  • Affordability
  • 24/7 support
  • Encrypted data transfer

Top Notch IT Services For Nonprofit Organizations

V&C Solutions is a leading provider of IT services for nonprofit organizations since 2005. We have helped dozens of charities, religious organizations, and other nonprofits to achieve their missions by delivering IT solutions commonly only available to large corporations cost-effectively. Talk to us, and let us provide a solution that will fit your budget and help you achieve your organizational aims.